20 Oct

City of London dentist uses Inman aligner to straighten teeth

For patients who require braces, it can be a long and uncomfortable experience, not to mention the unseemly appearance of metal braces in the mouth. For patients requiring only minor adjustments it can be too big a sacrifice to wear metal braces just to achieve a minor improvement, especially for adults, given the stigma attached to braces. More recently we have seen the advent of clear plastic retainers, which while very discreet take a very long time to be effective. Again, to achieve a minor improvement this was often too much to ask for many patients.
There is, however, an alternative to metal braces and plastic retainers. The Inman aligner is as effective as old-fashioned metal braces with the added bonus of being very discreet. For most people it is almost impossible to notice an Inman aligner unless up very close.
The aligner works by using a coiled spring, on the tongue side, which pushes the side teeth out and simultaneously pushing the front teeth in to the extra, vacated space. When the teeth are given this extra room, they naturally tend to straighten.
Although not completely invisible, the Inman aligner achieves such stunning results in such a short period of time that most patients are willing to overlook this small disadvantage. In most cases, treatments show results between six and sixteen weeks, which when compared to the 18 month treatments for plastic retainers, is simply astonishing.
Like all orthodontic appliances, the Inman aligner may cause some discomfort when initially applied, but this will soon disappear when the teeth become accustomed to the force. This usually happens within a week of the first use. Other than this the process is completely painless.
The Inman aligner is perfect for patients with small overcrowding or spacing issues. It can really add that extra something to a smile that otherwise might be missing. It is not really suitable for major straightening issues, which may require more substantial corrective treatment. Consult your City of London dentist about the Inman aligner and you could achieve that perfect smile you’ve never quite had before.