05 Sep

City of London dentist warn patients of the dangers associated with untreated abscessed teeth

Abscesses in teeth can occur for a number of reasons. Most commonly teeth become abscessed because of an infection that has penetrated the root of the tooth because of advanced dental decay. Other causes include sever gum disease or the aftermath of a one off trauma that has affected the mouth. There is the possibility of nasty consequences if an abscessed tooth is not dealt with as soon as possible and you should seek the help of a dentist in the City of London should you find yourself in this situation.
The signs that you have an abscessed tooth can include swelling in the area and consequent nausea. You might find that one of your teeth aches constantly and the area is sensitive to touch and to changes in temperature.
In less serious cases, abscessed teeth can be treated with antibiotics to clear up the infection. If the infection is far more concerning then your dentist might need to operate endodontically. This will be necessary if the infection has spread to the pulp chamber inside the tooth. The pulp chamber is the hollow interior of a tooth that contains a mass of important materials that work together to keep the tooth alive and functioning.
Operate endodontically usually means root canal treatment where a dentist enters the tooth through the root canal. The root canal is the entrance to the tooth at the root where all of the nerves and blood vessels pass. This is done so that the tooth does not have to be drilled into and the aim is to clear the pulp chamber of any infected material and remove the dangers that an abscessed tooth can pose.