02 Apr

City of London dentists advise patients about porcelain veneers and staining

Porcelain veneers have become extremely popular products in cosmetic dentistry. They are primarily used to cover up broken, cracked or even stained teeth. Patients find that having a porcelain veneer cover up their unsightly tooth gives their self confidence a major boost. This is welcome for people who want to get ahead in life and find that their appearance matters for them to be able to do so.
They can be fitted extremely quickly these days thanks to advances in the technology that is in use in dental surgeries. CEREC techniques allow porcelain veneers to be constructed in only six minutes, ready to be fitted; an extremely convenient option, most agree. The porcelain that they are made from is very durable indeed and means that they will last for a great many years and can be treated just like any other regular tooth.
Such is their durability that they can be extremely thin indeed. This is a welcome bonus for patients who worry that too much of their existing tooth might need to be removed to accommodate the porcelain dental veneer. Some types of veneers are so thin that they have been dubbed affectionately ‘contact lenses for teeth’.
One worry that many patients have, however, is whether their porcelain veneer will become stained over time. Teeth can become stained through smoking tobacco products and drinking things like red wine, cola drinks and tea and coffee. There is no danger of this happening to your porcelain veneer though. They are made from ceramic which is actually a lot like glass in respect to some of its properties. Essentially liquid ‘slips’ off it and won’t hang around to stain the veneer.
Any further questions about porcelain veneers can be answered by your City of London dentist.