10 Mar

City of London dentists advise patients have regular dental check ups to ensure lasting oral hygiene

Taking good care of your teeth begins at home with how you look after your teeth. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing so that plaque doesn’t build up between your teeth. This is essential in order to make sure that you don’t suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. But just as important is ensuring that you have regular check ups at your dentist.
You should visit your dentist every six months so that your mouth can be examined by a professional who is expert in all aspects of your teeth and gums. At these check ups your dentist will be able to assess how successful your home oral hygiene routine is and offer you advice about how to improve it if necessary. He or she might say, for example, that you should consider using a softer bristled brush.
Your dentist will be able to spot early signs of things like tooth decay and gum disease and offer diagnosis before the problem gets any worse. It is always better to pre-empt these things and avoid the need to have invasive surgery. Dentists are also trained to spot the signs of oral cancer, early diagnosis of which might just save your life.
No matter how well you take care of your teeth at home there are some things that only your dentist can do. If plaque has built up on your teeth, for example, then it is only your dentist which can remove the tartar which it will be forming into. Don’t delay, book an appointment for a check up at your City of London dentist today.