25 Mar

City of London dentists advise patients how to prevent gum disease

Your teeth are not the only important part of your mouth, far from it. Your gums are just as vital in maintaining excellent oral hygiene and ensuring that you can talk, eat, drink and even smile in comfort. Allowing your gums to become diseased actually puts you at greater risk of losing teeth than tooth decay itself. Gum disease is usually quite easy to rectify should it occur but it is always best to act first and do what you can to stop it from taking hold in the first place.
Plaque is the main thing to think about when taking care of your gums. It is produced every time you eat, particularly sugary and starchy foods. You should make sure that it is removed from the gum line of your teeth so that it doesn’t inflame your gums. Gingivitis can take hold and, if left to progress, can turn in to periodontitis. This condition is definitely worth avoiding so you won’t suffer from inflammation of the jaw bone and likely tooth loss.
This is where preventive dentistry comes in. What it means is protecting the mouth from developing these conditions in the first place. The most simple thing to do is to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and again after meals should you feel it necessary give what you have just eaten. This ought to be enough to remove the plaque from your mouth and ensure that it does not cause your gums to become inflamed.
As well as taking good care of your mouth at home, you should be sure to visit your City of London dentist every six months so that your teeth and gums can be thoroughly examined by an expert. They can identify any problems in their early stages and offer advice and treatment before they get worse.