20 Jun

City of London dentists are valuable allies for parents trying to keep their children’s teeth healthy

Every good parent wants their child to have the best possible start in life so that their offspring can be happy and healthy. Taking care of teeth is of paramount importance because any damage sustained to teeth will affect the child for the rest of their life. We only get one set of healthy teeth so it is worth taking care of them, but for young children the responsibility rests with their parents or guardians.
Plaque is as much of a concern for children as it is the rest of us. Everything ought to be done to ensure that plaque doesn’t take hold, causing dental decay and or gum disease. But trying to get children to brush their teeth can be nothing short of a nightmare. You can’t brush their teeth for them forever so it is essential that you encourage them to do it themselves. Brightly coloured tooth brushes featuring cartoon characters can be helpful, as can give them incentives.
Restricting the amount of sugary snacks that they eat is also advisable, especially if you are having difficulty getting your son or daughter to brush their teeth. Dental sealants can be a useful tool because it provides youthful teeth with an extra layer of protection against the plaque which can attack enamel.
Get your child comfortable with being in the dental surgery so that it becomes a lifelong habit for them. Dental phobia can form in children if you pass on negative attitudes about the dentist to them. It is not a good idea to get your child into a position where they don’t want to see the dentist and, as such put themselves at risk from oral ailments. With their teeth developing, it is imperative that your City of London dentist keeps an eye on how they are coming through.