12 Sep

City of London dentists can help to eliminate painful mouth ulcers

Unless you are very fortunate, you will have suffered with a mouth ulcer at one time or another. These painful little sores in the lining of the mouth can make even the most fundamental tasks, such as eating and drinking, a really unpleasant experience.
A mouth ulcer is essentially an exposed nerve that lies in the incredibly sensitive lining of your mouth. The break in the lining means that food, drink and toothbrushes come into contact with this nerve which leads to pain.
Many mouth ulcers are caused by accidental damage such as biting yourself, brushing too hard, burning or scalding your mouth with food and drink or even abrasion from braces and other dental repair work. These kinds of ulcers will usually clear up on their own after about a week or so.
Other kinds of ulcers can take a little longer to clear up. These are known as aphthous ulcers and are usually caused by stress, illness or a genetic predisposition to the condition and usually begin to appear around puberty. Aphthous ulcers usually take about two to three weeks to clear up.
Sometimes recurring ulcers may be caused by vitamin deficiencies. The most common deficiencies are iron and vitamin B12. City of London dentists will be able to offer dietary advice should you be suffering from recurring ulcers.
Other more serious causes of mouth ulcers include herpes, inflammatory bowel disorders and immune disorders but these are usually concurrent with other symptoms around the body.
With mouth ulcers, prevention is often better than cure. Maintaining good oral hygiene with regular trips to your city of London dentist, eating a healthy and balanced diet including vegetables and red meat, avoiding hot liquids and trying to keep stress levels to a minimum all help to keep the painful sores away.
For those suffering with ulcers, common treatments include swilling soluble paracetamol and iced water, camomile tea and licorice. Pastilles and gels that contain mild anaesthetics have also been widely available for many years.