06 Jun

City of London Dentists can Provide Space Maintainers for Children

Not so long ago, people felt that there was no need for a child to see a dentist until their adult teeth erupted. At that point, if the teeth were crooked, or cavities needed filing, a child might be taken to a dentist. Today, many parents are finding out that taking proper care of baby teeth is every bit as important as ensuring that adult teeth are taken care of. Among other things, you may want to consider obtaining a space maintainer from your City of London dentist if a baby tooth falls out too soon.
Unfortunately, there will be times when baby teeth fall out before an adult tooth is ready to take its place. In these circumstances, the tooth will not have a guide to help it line up properly. As a result, the tooth may come in crooked, or even partly rotated. Once the tooth fully enters the mouth, it may even cause other erupting teeth to be thrown out of alignment.
Ideally, your child should have xray studies done in order to see whether or not adult teeth are overcrowded, as well as to determine if a space maintainer is required. Depending on your child’s age and ability to follow instructions, one of these appliances can save a great deal of frustration later on. At the very least, they may eliminate the need for braces, as well as other kinds of orthodontic work. In addition, your child will also have the benefit of learning more about how to take care of his/her teeth properly. This alone can help reduce the chances of gum disease, as well as tooth loss later in life. As a result, getting a dental space maintainer may be one of the best things you can do to ensure that your child has good health throughout life.