22 Sep

City of London dentists create perfect smile with invisible braces

Having the perfect smile is something we all dream about, but only the lucky few are blessed with a naturally dazzling beam. Over the last twenty years it has become more and more common to try and artificially correct teeth using braces or retainers. In the past these have often been unseemly and unattractive metal braces that stand out a mile off and make the wearer feel self-concious. Furthermore, because of the advantages of using braces during developing years they are often used in the already difficult and turbulent teenage years.
However, recent advances in technology have led to the introduction of invisible or clear braces which are almost imperceptible to the naked eye unless you get right up close.
Apart from having the obvious cosmetic benefits, there are other advantages to wearing invisible braces. Unlike the old metal braces, they don’t protrude too much into the mouth meaning that irritation is greatly reduced. They also have yielded far superior results in terms of developing better bite and jaw alignment.
Invisible braces are also often completely removable and only have to be in place a certain amount of time a day. This means that patients are not so restricted in the food and drinks they can have and also hat hygiene standards are greatly improved because the braces can be removed and cleaned which is significantly easier.
Invisible braces are fitted using the very latest in 3D technology, creating a perfect mold of your teeth. Whilst they are not suitable for everyone they work in the majority of cases. Thousands of adults who would have rather had crooked teeth than return to the metal braces of old are now enjoying the smiles they always dreamed of thanks to invisible braces. A City of London dentist will be able to show you how invisible braces can work for you.