02 Aug

City of London dentists encourage patients not to neglect their brushing and flossing

It should only take up a small proportion of your day but when you brush your teeth and floss them you will be improving your oral hygiene and lessening the chances of developing a number of undesirable dental ailments. Just by following a simple set of principles, you can brush and floss your way to a healthy set of teeth and gums and reap the benefits as a consequence.
Brushing in the morning is vital because plaque easily forms at night when you are producing less saliva. By doing so again in the evening you are ridding your mouth of the plaque and food debris that will be present after your daily meals. You should always brush thoroughly so that you are removing all of the plaque that you can from the surfaces of your teeth. Use a fluoride tooth paste and make sure that your tooth brush is easy to hold and has a set of firm bristles.
Flossing must be carried out also. Tear a convenient length of dental floss from the roll and pull it between the gaps in your teeth. Even the most expert of brushing regimes will not be able to remove all the plaque from these tiny gaps and so flossing is very important to stop cavities forming there and lessen the chances of gum disease.
The consequences of not brushing and flossing properly are potentially serious. Cavities can form which will need to be filled, lest plaque ruins your teeth and leaves them not fit for purpose. A leading cause of tooth loss though is gum disease which is also caused by plaque which is not dealt with. Your City of London dentist can give you more information on these matters.