19 Sep

City of London dentists give clean ups for patients to experience that super-clean feeling on their teeth

Dentists offer many vital services to their patients. At check ups dentists will be looking out for any problems so that they can be diagnosed early and then sorted out. They can also carry out a great many cosmetic dentistry procedures that enhance the look of smiles. One of the most valuable things that you can have done in a dental surgery is a proper dental clean up, sometimes known as scaling and polishing.
Using a special system of hooks and devices to polish the teeth, dentists are able to remove any hardened tartar that has built up on teeth. Tartar is what plaque becomes when it is left in teeth for too long. While plaque can be brushed away, tartar can only be removed in the dental surgery via scaling and polishing and so it is essential that this is carried out every now and then as required.
You won’t have to book and appointment for this as such. If you are going to see your City of London dentist every six months as advised then they will administer the scaling and polishing when they feel you have the need for it.
The scaling part of the treatment is the removal of hardened plaque (tartar) with special hooks. The polishing part involves your dentist polishing your teeth so that the surfaces of them are smooth. This not only makes your teeth feel nice but it helps because bacteria can’t cling on to smooth surfaces as easily as it can to rough surfaces.