23 Dec

City of London dentists give stunning results with porcelain crowns

Nobody should have to feel embarrassed about their smile. Such feelings can lead to awkwardness in social situations as you worry if somebody will dislike the appearance of your teeth. If you suffer from teeth which are damaged in some way it is vitally important that you deal with the problem swiftly and effectively so you can get on with living your life confidently.
Crowns can strengthen a broken tooth, allowing it to function just like a natural, healthy tooth. You might find that one of your teeth has broken down to the point where it is impossible for it to be rebuilt. In these situations, crowns are ideal as they cover the broken down tooth, protecting it from further cavity formation.
Crowns are also a good option if you wish to have stained or cracked teeth covered up. Tooth whitening might be more appropriate as it is less invasive but a crown can give permanent cover to stained teeth and allow you to smile again with confidence.
Metal is no longer the preferred material for crowns as it could lead to the formation of dark lines against the gum. The resulting aesthetic effect offered little improvement on having a damaged tooth in the first place. The porcelain crowns which are used now match the surrounding teeth, giving a look that is natural and discreet.
Depending on the state of the tooth in question, your dentist might have to remove a little of it under local anaesthetic. An impression is then taken using dental putty and sent to a lab where the crown is made. Usually you will only need to wait for two week while wearing a temporary crown and then your durable porcelain crown will be ready to be installed. Contact your City of London dentist today if you think that porcelain crowns might be the answer to your problems