01 Mar

City of London dentists give useful advice about how to combat bad breath

Having bad breath can be a real issue when it comes to simple, social activities that many of us take for granted. Suddenly business meetings, parties and even dates can become fraught with anxiety as you worry about unpleasant smells coming from your mouth. But bad breath is not something that just has to be endured; there are a number of simple and effective ways to fight it, defeat it and live without it.
Bad breath, clinically known as halitosis, is caused by debris staying in your mouth and releasing unpleasant odours as time goes on. Debris can hang around on your teeth, in between them, on your tongue, on the inside of your cheeks or the roof of your mouth.
The best way to guard against bad breath is to follow the home oral hygiene that is recommended by dentists. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and after meals if you feel it necessary. Do so for about three minutes and be sure to cover all areas of your mouth. This will make sure that any debris that is left in the mouth will be dislodged. Having brushed you should floss between your teeth to ensure that nothing is left there. You may also with to brush your tongue but you should do so gently so as not to cause damage to what is a sensitive organ.
Some mouthwashes can help with bad breath but you should be careful because they can also dry out the mouth and create ideal conditions for bad breath-causing bacteria to stick to your teeth. In situations where you are unable to brush, you might want to chew gum so that a nice smell is emitted from your mouth. This helps with saliva production too.
Talk to your City of London dentist for more advice.