18 Jul

City of London Dentists Help Improve your Smile

Gummy smile is a common ailment that is found among most users. The city of London dentists have reported about patients who come to their clinics asking them to improve their smiles when they can do very well without treatment. Owing to the increase in personal attention among users, dentists and cosmetic dentistry practitioners have been getting more and more patients asking them to rectify their smiles.
Gum contouring is one of the procedures that are used to rectify a gummy smile. It involves the minimal removal of the gum tissue around the teeth and the minor modifications that are incorporated in the teeth. Gum contouring is also known as gum lifting since the gum tissue that covers the teeth are lifted and repositioned at the desired level.
The dentist first administers anesthesia to the gums following which a laser is used to remove the gum tissues around the six front teeth since these teeth make up the smile. The laser seals up the blood vessels which speeds up the healing process. In severe cases of gummy smile, mere reshaping is not enough. The bone at the root of the front teeth has to be reduced since the gum edges must be three millimeters from the edge of the bone. If the bone is not reduced, the tissue grows back negating the whole effort.
Gum contouring has its risks since excess removal of the gum tissue might lead to stagnation in the healing process. This requires further treatment and can also lead to swelling. Hence it is always suggested that you consult a seasoned practitioner for the job who knows what he is doing.