07 Sep

City of London dentists make bleaching trays for the individual needs of people with stained teeth

The best way to whiten your teeth and eliminate irritating stains is to apply whitening gel to your teeth using a bleaching tray. These trays can be bought for relatively little expense as part of teeth whitening kits from pharmacies, super market chains or online shops. But dentists recommend that there is a better way to get your teeth whitened than with these over the counter solutions.
Over the counter teeth whitening kits are convenient for the user because they can be carried out in one’s own time. However the drawback is that the bleaching trays are made en masse and are all the same size. This can compromise the main function of what bleaching trays are meant for: to ensure the optimum level of coverage on teeth. If the trays are not snug enough on your teeth then the bleaching might be uneven and saliva can interfere.
Dentists are able to manufacture bleaching trays especially for you and the unique shape of your mouth. These devices will be far more effective at ensuring complete coverage of the gel on your teeth. Your dentist will need to take moulds of your teeth and then he or she can make the tray according to the dimensions of your mouth.
You can then wear the tray during sleep for the advised period. The gel will cleanse the teeth of any stains and actively bleach them too. Some of the gels restore teeth to a shade known as B1 which is the most white shade possible on teeth. In some cases, City of London dentists will finish the teeth whitening treatment by exposing your teeth to a special curing light which ensures the optimum finish.