18 Dec

City of London dentists offer long term solution to tooth loss with mini implants

Losing a tooth can be painful and in the longer term cause problems with eating, drinking and even talking. It can alter your appearance more than you might think, especially if your teeth begin to sag and you start to look older than you actually are. Further oral hygiene problems can result if your remaining teeth start to shift into the gap left behind. Having mini implants installed represents a long term solution to replacing a lost tooth.
Using extremely durable titanium, mini implants replace the lost root part of your tooth. For extra stability, the titanium actually fuses with your jaw bone in a process known as osseointegration. Mini implants truly are a life long solution to tooth loss.
Your dentist will take an x-ray or a CT scan of the area and clean it of debris. Then a small incision will be made into the jaw while you are under local anaesthetic. Into this incision, the titanium mini implant will be inserted. It is important at this point that the area is allowed to heal and you will wear a temporary denture during this period.
Once the area is properly healed, your permanent denture will be attached to the mini implant and you are ready to go. Modern dentures look extremely realistic and can be cared for just like normal teeth. While traditional dentures can slip while you eat or talk, those secured with mini implants are extremely secure. Contact your City of London dentist if your think that mini implants represent the solution to your tooth loss problem.