26 Jun

City of London dentists put an effective end to the pain of wisdom teeth

It is quite common for young adults to experience a degree of pain in the rear of their mouth as their wisdom teeth begin to come through. It is not necessarily anything to worry about but it is worth keeping your dentist informed of these developments so that they can check that the teeth are coming through properly. Sometimes dentists might act to stop the pain or take action to ensure that the teeth erupt in the correct fashion.
Wisdom teeth commonly erupt between the ages of sixteen and twenty four and as they are quite large teeth, the process can be rather painful. When infant teeth come through the mouth is rather empty of teeth but in the case of wisdoms, the patient’s mouth will already be full of teeth and they might push against the ones that are already there.
Sometimes wisdom teeth have trouble even breaking through the gum in the first place and this can cause some discomfort. If they come through but are pushing against other teeth, this is called ‘impacting’. It doesn’t always require action on the part of the dentist as the teeth often simply sort themselves out in time.
If the problem is particularly bad then your City of London dentist might decide that a little of the gum needs to be cut away so that more space is freed up for the wisdom teeth to come through. Impacting is best avoided in the long term because impacted wisdom teeth can be more prone to cavities. This is because it might well be more difficult to clean them if they are too close to one another.