02 May

City of London dentists remedy chipped and fractured teeth

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen and they are often painful. The consequences to an accident affecting the face can be especially bothersome, particularly if the mouth is involved. If you indulge in potentially dangerous sports or pastimes it is a good idea to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth but even so, it is still possible for teeth to end up chipped, cracked or even fractured. Other incidents can cause the same results too, such as persistent teeth grinding or even eating something that is unexpectedly hard so that it cracks a tooth.
If this happens you should make an appointment to see your City of London dentist immediately. He or she will thoroughly examine the afflicted tooth to see what needs to be done. They will be looking to see if the tooth still retains functionality and if it is viable for it to stay as it is. It is possible that it will need to be removed but this will only occur in extreme cases. More likely is that the problem will end up as one of aesthetics: you might not like the look of the cracked tooth.
In this case there is the option of covering it up with a porcelain dental veneer or a crown if the crack is deep and some of the tooth has actually been lost. These handy devices cover up the unsightly chip and leave you with a realistic looking covering to your tooth. It is fairly cheap and convenient to have a crown or veneer fitted and you will notice the great difference that it makes to your smile.