13 Aug

City of London dentists surprise their patients with the effectiveness of modern, comfortable dentures

Dentures are a perfectly valid way to replace a set of lost teeth. If all of your teeth have been lost then they will need to be replaced in one fashion or another. Several methods are available including the permanent solution of dental implants and the less invasive dental bridges. But you should also consider dentures as a solution because the modern variant is a vast improvement on the older type of denture which has been the subject of such negative stereotyping.
Dentures are essentially a set of false teeth mounted onto a platform which can be worn in the mouth through the suction of gums or using a fixing gel. In the past they were mass produced and so no allowance was made for the fact that each mouth is shaped uniquely. These old types of denture were often uncomfortable and could slip out easily during meal times or even while the wearer was speaking.
The improvements in dentures technology allows the wearer to get a set of dentures which are much more comfortable because dentists make them individually according to the contours of the patient’s gums. The use of modern materials such as valplast allows some dentures to be free from friction and wearers are reporting a high degree of satisfaction with the products.
Ask your dentist in the City of London about dentures and how they are able to provide a long term solution to tooth loss. They are more affordable than some other methods, don’t require invasive surgery and can be worn in the short term if you are trying to decide about whether to go through with dental implants, for example.