10 Aug

City of London dentists urge patients to get into the habit of regular dental check ups

Life is all about fitting the little essential things into your routine. One of these essential activities that should not be neglected is the dental check up. It might seem like a trifling matter, a short appointment at your dental surgery which, most of the time, results in a clean bill of oral health. But these check ups are essential if you want to maintain that clean bill of oral health. Without warning, poor oral hygiene can occur and it is best if you are seeing your dentist regularly so that nasty ailments can be nipped in the bud.
Dental check ups work on the important premise of preventive dentistry. This is the idea that it is always better to try and prevent a dental condition from occurring rather than having to deal with the consequences. Many dental complaints are relatively easy to sort out in their early stages but far more complicated if things go further.
At your dental check up, your City of London dentist will be thoroughly examining all parts of your mouth to look for the signs of poor dental hygiene. Tooth decay and gum disease are the most well known examples of what they are looking out for but there are plenty of other things that dentists keep a good eye out for at your appointments. Oral cancer for one thing can be spotted by dentists in its early stages, in time for a referral to be made to an ocologist.
For less serious matters, if your dentist spots the early signs of gum disease, you might simply be advised to improve your home oral care. Most patients would agree that this is a far more edifying prospect that having to deal with a lost tooth.