23 Dec

City of London offers latest US Lumineer veneers

Lumineers are the latest, painless way to achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted, without any alteration to existing tooth structure. They can create the appearance of beautiful, white, healthy teeth that will fill you full of smiling confidence.
Incredibly thin, Lumineers are designed, unlike traditional veneers, to require no injections, no removal of enamel or other tooth structure and no pain. They are so thin that they are even completely removable, so there really is nothing to lose. Lasting up to twenty years if properly maintained, Lumineers could give you the perfect smile for years to come.
The secret to Lumineers success is that they are made to be stronger so that they can be thinner than other veneers. Porcelain veneers are generally 0.5 millimetres thick but Lumineers are only 0.3 millimeters thick. This means that no tooth enamel has to be removed prior to fixing the Lumineers, this limits the amount of work and often pain required when choosing veneers. Because they are so thin they also closely resemble natural enamel and look more lifelike.
All Lumineers are manufactured at the Cerinate laboratory in the United States using the very latest technology and are offered by dentists registered with the US firm. If you are considering having veneers to cover discoloured or badly worn teeth, or even if you are just having the front two teeth recapped, then ask a City of London dentist abut the latest import form America, Lumineer veneers.