13 Apr

City of London Speaks Out About Black Hairy Tongue

Your tongue surface is covered with hundreds of finger-like projections called papillae. Your tongues taste buds are contained among these papillae. These papillae are constantly being shortened in length as their natural turnover. This shortening does not occur in all people, and these projections can grow extremely long. Then it is easier for these projections to trap bacteria and food debris. When this occurs the tongue looks black and hairy. This is what is referred to as “black hairy tongue.” Your City of London dentist will ease your concern, as this is not an infection or cancer. The exact cause of “black hairy tongue” is unknown. However your City of London dentist will explain what may increase your risk of this problem. Smoking, some antibiotics, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or uncontrolled diabetes can increase your risk for “black hairy tongue.” This condition is not painful, but does cause bad breath. Brushing your tongue and avoiding smoking are the best ways to prevent ‘black hairy tongue” The use of a tongue scraper will also help. After two weeks, your tongue should return to normal. Visit your City of London Dental Clinic if you notice any anomalies on your tongue.