08 Nov

Clean you’re Teeth and you’ll clean your Heart in London

The body is a complex little thing and it operates well when everything is working in unison and generally in London, we all try to keep it going the right way by keeping fit and eating well. But if we have a few bad habits, we may not realize something building up until it is too late. This is ever so true when you look at the connection between our teeth and heart. It’s pretty much a given that most of us do our best to look after our teeth with regular brushing and visits to our dentist, but for those among us that don’t, they are putting their life on the line. On of the biggest dangers to the mouth is gum disease which is a direct descendant of poor oral hygiene; aside from the damage it can cause to the teeth and gums, it also has serious consequences on the heart. If allowed to fester diseased gums will constantly emit toxins into the blood and then into the heart. Over a long period of time, the heart will become poisoned and inevitably fail to work. You should never be complacent with how you care for your teeth and you should be on the case all of the time; if you have any doubts about even the minutest of things, you should get advice from your dentist on what to do.