15 Mar

Cleaning Your Teeth, a Dentist from the City of London Tells You How

Ever since our youth, most of us living in the City of Leeds have been conditioned to clean our pearly whites twice a day, morning and night. Whilst most of us still follow this familiar procedure, some begin to overlook the value of good dental cleanliness, and some even neglect to brush at all.
There really is more to a toothbrush than just a tool one’s mothers and fathers used to ruin evenings and send the children off to sleep. Your toothbrush is the main player in the fight against dental plaque, the substance that can form inside your oral cavity and trigger a whole host of troubles.
Plaque is the primary cause of periodontal disease, it allows infectious bacteria to penetrate the mouth most likely through foodstuffs we consume or the air around us. Plaque also causes tooth  decay, gum disease and even tooth loss, all issues which can be prevented by cleaning your teeth properly.
Brushing your teeth should not be a quick process, it should be a conscious, careful effort. Brushing should involve employing a good, clean toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste since this is best at removing persistent dental plaque. The teeth should be scrubbed in slight, spherical movements both at the surface of and behind the teeth, never scrub too aggressively because this may cause a loss of teeth enamel.
In addition to brushing the teeth, it is imperative that you also ensure your tongue is washed and devoid of plaque. Harmful bacteria live on the surface of the tongue and are also the leading cause of halitosis. If you are serious about maintaining good dental health, flossing should be performed at least once a day as this will remove any plaque or bacteria that was left behind after brushing.