21 Sep

Cleaning your Teeth in the City of London

It’s probably pretty safe to say that every one of us in the city of London knows that we have to clean our teeth on a daily basis; the problem comes however with how to clean them. With such an array of products on the market these days, it can often be a dilemma as to find the ones that will do the job for each of us. Essentially, we need to know how our teeth sit in the scheme of things and the best way to do this is to ask the dentist for a breakdown on our teeth and any problems that we may be prone to, then, we can go out and make an informed decision on the products we buy. First stop is the toothbrush and if we get the right one and learn to use it correctly, we will be well on our way to oral glory. Following on to this is the toothpaste: armed with the information from the dentist, this should be a fairly easy decision. Then we move into the world of dental flossing and inter-dental brushing- these provide the perfect back-up to basic brushing and get to places where your toothbrush can’t. Then we get to the extras: mouthwashes are always handy to have around, especially when we’re not at home; there are also some superb herbal remedies which are also great to have about the bathroom- especially if we’re are having problems with gums. Finally, dentists are the ultimate back-up as they can really get to places and clean in a way we wouldn’t have thought of doing!