17 Feb

Cleaning your Teeth when wearing braces in Central London

A lot of braces and aligners that are fitted in central London these days are removable, which is great for maintaining a good program of oral hygiene. But if you’ve had the misfortune to be fitted with a fixed brace, extra care needs to be taken when cleaning the teeth and brace to remove all the foodstuffs that can promote a build up of bacteria. This can appear quite complex at first, but bacteria is accompanied by plaque and gum disease- followed by decay, so it’s imperative to get the cleaning right; the cleaning will get easier with time and practice. There is a whole program designed for those wearing fixed braces. It starts with the choice of brush and electric brushes are very good for working around wires and plates. But like all brushes, they will not remove foods that are lodged between gum and tooth. This job is down to small, interdental brushes and floss threaders that can be worked in and around the brace, and into the teeth. The choice of toothpaste is also important- some are designed to attack bacteria and plaque more fiercely than others, a perfect choice for the brace wearer. Of course, mouthwashes are priceless too, and are a perfect accompaniment to a good brush and paste. But there is another trick available to the brace wearer in the form of a dye that highlights any traces of plaque in the mouth. Finally, there’s the dentist, who will be able to clean the brace to when you visit.