19 May

Cleaning your Teeth whilst wearing braces in Central London

One of the problems behind wearing a fixed brace over a long period of time is maintaining the health of your mouth and keeping it free from bacteria. Anyone who has worn one in central London will tell you that you have to be extra vigilant when cleaning a fixed brace. It’s the perfect haven for food to get stuck and bacteria to grow and if it’s not removed, it can quickly turn into gum disease and decay. When you have one fitted, your dentist should advise you on how to keep your brace clean and also clean it on each check-up, but in the outside world, you’re on your own. There are specially designed floss and tiny brushes to get in and around the metalwork and teeth to back up the normal brushing techniques. Using toothpastes and mouth-washes that have ingredients designed for especially for plaque removal, will also prevent any build up of bacteria; there also a dye available that will highlight plaque around the teeth. Cleaning your brace at first will take a while at first and a lot of patience to get right, but once you’ve mastered it, it will ensure that your teeth are beautiful and healthy when the brace finally comes off.