05 Sep

Coming to terms with Bad Breath in Central London

If you are in the public eye every day, dealing with customers or just being flamboyant with your adoring public, you have to maintain a certain persona in order to keep yourself on the ball in central London- the way you dress, the way you smile and the way you style your hair…these are all the obvious things that are visual, bad breath is not however and no matter how glorious you look, this condition can knock you right off your perch. In some cases, the causes of bad breath can be quite complex so hence, difficult to tackle. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene so this has to be improved if you are going to overcome the problem. It starts by visiting your dentist and getting things mended, and then you have to work hard at caring for your mouth at home. You must brush and floss every-time you eat to stop pungent smells forming from foodstuffs. Herbal remedies can also help to address the balance in your mouth. You must also keep your mouth well hydrated as your saliva helps in breaking down bacteria; drink lots of water and use sugar free sweets and gum. But bad breath can also be more complex than this; diet plays an important role in maintaining the body’s strength and immune system so you have to be aware of what you are putting into your system (this also extends to your lifestyle- drinking and smoking). If you have tried to address all of these issues and the condition persists, it could imply that more sinister forces are at work in your body and you may well require more intense inspection from your doctor.