07 Dec

Common Questions About Bleaching Your Teeth at the Dentist’s in the City of London

Teeth bleaching, or teeth whitening, offers the opportunity of restoring a bright natural colour to teeth that can become stained over time. Tea and coffee, some medications, smoking and many common daily food and drink, as well as aging can cause teeth discolouration. Teeth bleaching is an effective and straightforward way of removing the stains that occur with everyday life. It is best to have any teeth whitening done by a dental professional, as opposed to home treatments. A professional service will offer faster and more sparkling results. Your local City of London dentist can offer a session that will present more immediate and lasting results than a DIY kit, and so offer greater value for money over time. The procedure involves using gel of highly concentrated whitening product directly on the teeth. Dental professionals are able to do this without any risk to the surrounding soft tissue or the harming the quality of the teeth. The gel application is often accompanied with a treatment of heat, light or lasers. Only lasting thirty to sixty minutes, you will have noticeably whiter teeth after the first treatment. Multiple treatments will present even greater results. While professional teeth whitening has often been limited to those in the entertainment industry, recent improvements in technology have allowed your local dentist to offer the treatment at affordable levels.