07 May

Comparing the Invisalign to conventional braces by a London dentist

Even if you`ve never had one, you will have seen someone with a brace on their teeth. Usually that happens when we are still at school, but some of us didn`t get them and as adults we still have crooked or misaligned teeth, a London dentist has advised. The conventional brace is fixed, most prominently, to the teeth and are on show for the entire world to see. The Invisalign Brace is so called because it is an invisible brace that aligns the teeth, it is also a revolution in braces, so to speak, as it is also removable by the client whenever they require to `lose it` for a while. This doesn’t detract from the treatment; that can take from 3-8 months to complete. The brace is a whole new science in itself, using not just a computer program to work out the pressure points, but also causing the blood flow to be altered in the gums; this allows new bone tissue to grow behind the tooth as it moves. The computer will produce a whole program for the dentist and the client to follow the progress; this is in the form of a 3D film that shows the treatment and the end result. The treatment starts with digital photos and a mould of the teeth, which is all scanned into the program to produce the results. The orthodontist will then make all the braces in advance, these are replaced and fitted every two weeks, and the progress is then tracked using the 3D film to make sure each brace has done its job, and moved the misaligned teeth into their retrospective positions. Being made of a clear plastic and having all the gubbings on the inside of the brace, it is easy to wear for the client, and they can take the brace out for eating and cleaning the teeth in the normal way.