14 Sep

Concerned about giving your children’s teeth the best care? Ask your central London dentist about dental sealants

Parents will be anxious to do everything they can to make sure that their children have the best start in life especially when it comes to their dental health. This is because you only get one set of natural teeth and children need to be protected from tooth decay as much as adults do. Once a filling needs to be placed in a tooth that has decayed, it will need to be there for life.
Dental sealants are an excellent way to safe guard your children’s teeth from the damaging effects of plaque erosion. What they amount to are plastic coatings on the teeth at the rear of the mouth. They then form a barrier against plaque so that it cannot settle on the teeth and cause the enamel to be eroded and cavities to form in them.
Central London dentists usually apply dental sealants at about the age of six which is when the permanent molars erupt in the mouth. Dental sealants can be reapplied again when the child is aged twelve or so and the second molars have come through. They are affordable and dentists will tell you that they can be applied in a simple process that is not uncomfortable for the child.
Other things you can do to help protect your children’s teeth include incentivising their brushing. This might mean giving them treats when they have brushed successfully. This is important because it establishes a routine that they will hopefully maintain for the rest of their lives. Be sure to monitor the brushing of your children to check that they are not doing so too aggressively and are covering all areas of their mouth.