25 Dec

Concerned Dentist in the City of London Offers Parents Advice on Teething Toddlers

Children can begin teething as early as three months of age and go on until the child’s third birthday. Teething toddlers can understandably be a frustrating experience for parents. We understand completely how difficult it must be to watch your child struggle with the pain and discomfort of developing new teeth. When new teeth are breaking through the gum line, it can cause discomfort and swelling for children, resulting in cranky and restless toddlers who have trouble sleeping and eating. Teething toddlers will experience tender and swollen gums that look very red. To help ease the discomfort and to prevent any rashes from saliva, try wiping your toddler’s face frequently with a wash cloth. You could also encourage your child to have good chews on safe objects that cannot be swallowed or broken into smaller pieces by accident. Wash the objects that your child is chewing on regularly, as a matter of course! Make sure that the objects your child is teething on are not too hard because very hard objects could cause damage to their gums. We advise against medicating your child yourself for teething. If you are at your wit’s end with your cranky teething toddler, please do not hesitate to give our offices in the City of London a call. We can offer you some more advice as well as discuss the possibility of using acetaminophen.