12 Dec

Confident smile with porcelain veneers from London dentist

A beautiful smile can really make others around you feel comfortable and can have a healthy effect on your own self-confidence. Our smile is a very important factor in our lives and can determine the way we are perceived by others and play a fundamental role in communication.
It is important therefore that we are completely happy with our smile and having bad teeth can make this incredibly difficult. Badly discoloured, worn or chipped teeth can make you feel very self-conscious and even ashamed to smile in certain situations but there is a solution to all these dental problems that is quick and very effective. Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are individually crafted for each patient using the very latest in computer-aided design and manufacture. They can be fitted in a single appointment completely transforming the appearance of your teeth and therefore your smile.
The confidence that comes from a new set of shiny veneers cannot be underestimated and can make a big difference to your life. Veneers are incredibly lifelike and almost impossible to tell apart from real teeth. They are cemented over the existing teeth with composite bonding for extra resilience, and if properly cared for can last as long as twenty years before they need replacing. Veneers can also be used to protect teeth that have been damaged or broken and need further structural support.
Dentists in London can fit veneers in a single appointment with the minimum of damage caused to existing teeth. The cost of veneers varies according to the extent of treatment and the quality of the materials but whatever the price can you really put a price on a healthy, confident and beautiful smile.