09 Apr

Confront dental phobia with help from City of London dentist

A huge number of people in the UK are afraid of visiting their dentist. Dental phobia is a very common fear but unlike a fear of heights or spiders, being afraid of your dentist may actually be very detrimental to your health.
Most dental phobias are caused by an unpleasant experience in the past or a fear of lack of control while in the dentist’s chair. However, it is important to realise that dentistry has changed a lot since many people last went for a check up. Dentist surgeries are more like health spas now than the old-style hospital-like surgeries. Many dental techniques have also changed beyond recognition, with a number of new tools being used to limit the amount of discomfort felt by patients.
Most importantly, City of London dentists themselves are now more aware and better equipped to deal with nervous patients. Just talking through your treatment before hand with a friendly dentist can go a long way to alleviating the fear of the unknown. Dentists also have many other methods to help you relax before an appointment. This may involve the use of aromatherapy such as lavender oil, which has been proven to calm nerves in dental surgeries. Other dentists offer relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to nervous patients to help them relax.
However severe your phobia, there is a way to overcome them and receive the dental treatment that your teeth need. Try talking to a City of London dentist and explain your fears, you might find this is all it takes to confront your phobia head on.