03 Dec

Considering a Root Canal in the City of London? A Dentist Answers Your Questions

Bacterial infection in the centre of the tooth, the root canal system, can be cured with a procedure called endodontics, commonly known as root canal treatment. Although it is an invasive procedure, it can become necessary to perform root canal treatment in order to preserve a tooth that has become severely damaged and infected. Infection can occur in the pulp or root of teeth through tooth decay or serious trauma to the teeth or gums. The treatment normally includes a local anaesthetic before the dentist drills into the tooth and removes infected pulp from the pulp chamber. At the same time the nerve must be removed from your root canal before filling up both the root canal and the empty pulp chamber with a filling. After the procedure your dentist will normally cover the tooth with a crown to protect the area from future damage and complete the treatment. Although there may be some minor soreness associated to the procedure this is greatly preferred to the severe pain associated with an abscessed or damaged tooth. Patients should certainly not fear root canal treatment because any minor pain experienced from the treatment is little in comparison to the untreated tooth. To ask about any concerns or with any further questions or queries you should speak to your local City of London dentist about root canal treatment or any other dental procedure.