12 Sep

Consult your London Dentist for Information on Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be defined as the tingling feeling or the flash of pain that can be constantly or intermittently felt on all the teeth or one or more teeth. This is a very common condition that affects many people worldwide and can be caused by various reasons;• Aging – with progressing age, the tooth enamel gradually wears down exposing the dentin which can cause sensitivity.
• Receding of the gums
• Excess intake of acidic beverages like soda which can cause thinning of the tooth enamel
• Using a hard toothbrush or brushing the teeth too harshly; this can also wear down the enamel revealing the dentin.
• Tooth grinding
• Dental procedures like teeth whitening root canal therapy or teeth restorations.
• Periodontitis, chipped tooth or root nerve damage.
It is ideal to consult your London dentist to ascertain the root cause of your hypersensitivity. There are various treatment options to control or cure tooth sensitivity. These include self-help options like toothpastes, gels and fluoride rinses which leave a protective coating on the sensitive tooth. Use of a soft bristled toothbrush is extremely effective to get relief from this condition.
Dentists can also recommend the use of a desensitizer which are of two types; an in-office desensitizer which is applied by the dentist on the sensitive teeth and over-the-counter desensitizer which can be purchased at any local pharmacy store. If you have the habit of using tobacco or snuff, it is time to kick the habit if you have sensitive teeth as this can only worsen the condition.
And always remember to brush and floss regularly and keep your teeth clean to avoid the deposition of plaque which can cause irritation and teeth sensitivity.