09 Oct

Coping with an Abscessed tooth in the City of London

Lost your way with your oral hygiene have you in the city of London? Well, you better have a plan B because you may well be putting your health at risk. Yes, dentists and companies bang on about the need for oral hygiene, blah, blah- who cares eh, ‘I’ve so much going on- I don’t care’. Well listen up Captain Scarlet before you fire up your Porsche, because the whole of life is a jig-saw where everything fits into place- as long as you keep yourself and your teeth healthy. If you don’t however, your life is on the line. Things can get mad in the mouth very quickly and if you’re the type of flamboyant character that skips the basic rules of oral hygiene for a sexy night out, be aware of one thing, plaque- yes, it develops fast in the mouth and yes, it’s the thing that a dentist will bail you out of- if you bother to go. But left to fester, it can develop into gum disease and tooth decay. Now decay can manifest a tooth abscess and quickly too, and if that happens, you are setting sail in dubious waters if you ignore it. A tooth abscess is extremely dangerous- it erupts from nowhere but it can send you to a hospital bed before you know it and put your life on the line. Before the teeth can be treated, an abscess needs antibiotics before the problem can be addressed. Even then, the fact that the problem has cropped up, in the long term, there is a very good chance that the tooth will be have to be taken out altogether.