16 Feb

Correct crooked teeth with veneers from Central London dentist

Many people have slightly crooked teeth which is not serious enough to warrant orthodontic teeth straightening with fixed metal braces. Temporary aligners may be an option for minor straightening issues but these can often take months and involve all the discomfort of wearing a brace. One other alternative is to have a set of porcelain veneers designed and manufactured to eliminate the uneven teeth.
Modern veneer technology means that by using digital x-rays and computer guided machinery, veneers can be made and fitted in a single visit to the dentist completely changing the appearance of your teeth in an afternoon. This has a significant advantage over the months it may take with orthodontic aligners. It also has the advantage of restoring the colour of your teeth as veneers can be chosen to have a whitening effect on your teeth.
Porcelain is incredibly strong which adds a dimension of protection to your teeth and also has a slightly translucent appearance similar to that of tooth enamel for added realism. Veneers are fixed in place using a resin bonding that is also tooth coloured. A whole arc of porcelain veneers can completely transform the appearance of crooked, worn or discoloured teeth. Modern veneers are also designed to be incredibly thin so that they require little or no enamel removal prior to fixing.
Porcelain veneers are available from most Central London dentists and vary in price according to the extent of treatment and nature of materials used. Ask about veneers at your next appointment and see what they could do for your teeth.