16 Dec

Correct your smile with incredible Invisalign see-through braces from Central London dentists

For many years orthodontic practice relied on metal braces to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. The metal brackets and wires are effective but can easily trap food, be uncomfortable and lead to the wearer feeling embarrassed by the appearance of their smile. Being able to wear a brace that is virtually invisible is no longer a pipe dream thanks to the incredible new Invisalign brace.
Harnessing the latest in 3D imaging software, dentists can now offer Invisalign braces which are virtually see through, allowing you to smile with confidence while your teeth are being straightened. Invisalign braces move your teeth gradually over time and are sculpted especially to fit in your mouth. They need to be worn for about twenty two hours a day but they are removable, which makes cleaning so much easier, not to mention eating and drinking itself.
Regular meetings with your dentist are required during the treatment so that you can be provided with replacement Invisalign braces. This is necessary because the shape of your bite will change as the Invisalign braces work and new ones will be required as your teeth move into the required positions.
The benefits of Invisalign braces are obvious: they give a better look to your mouth than metal braces, they are completely removable and much more comfortable because they do away with the process of having wires which need to be tightened. Ask your Central London dentists if they are registered with Invisalign and can provide you with their amazing see-through braces.