09 Nov

Cosmetic bonding from City of London dentist restores appearance of teeth

Chipped, cracked or broken teeth can be the source of considerable pain and also result in further dental complications in the future. Therefore it is necessary to repair any damage caused to teeth as soon as possible. One of the most affordable and effective treatments for dental injuries is cosmetic bonding. The bonding process involves mixing up a resin to closely match the colour of the existing teeth and sculpting it to the desired shape. Once satisfied the dentist will then set the resin hard using the intense heat of a laser. Once set, the bonding is extremely durable and also resistant to staining.
Cosmetic bonding is not just used to repair damage caused by head trauma. It is also widely used to improve the appearance of worn, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth. Unlike veneers and crowns it does not require laboratory conditions for manufacture, which significantly reduces cost and treatment times. In fact, most bonding procedures can be carried out in only one visit to the dentist. Although, if the treatment covers two or more teeth the bonding may need several layers applied and will need time to set in between applications.
Cosmetic bonding is almost completely pain-free unless being applied to a particularly sensitive area of the teeth. In some circumstances the dentist may consider using a local anaesthetic but this is unusual.
Cosmetic bonding is also replacing silver amalgam as the number one choice for filling dental cavities. Not only does it have the advantage of being tooth-coloured and therefore more aesthetically pleasing, but it also avoids the controversy surrounding the inclusion of potentially poisonous mercury in filling material.
Versatile, durable and visually discreet, cosmetic bonding is one of the most popular treatment choices for both dentists and patients. With the combined benefits of low cost and simple treatment, cosmetic bonding may be able to radically improve the integrity and appearance of your teeth with the minimum of discomfort. Talk to a City of London dentist about cosmetic bonding and how it could benefit your teeth.