04 Dec

Cosmetic bonding from London dentists gives incredible results fitting fillings

Many people are ashamed or embarrassed about their appearance because of unsightly metal fillings. Many too have difficulty eating, drinking and talking because of painful cavities. Thanks to advances in technology a perfect smile is available in just one session with your dentist. Cosmetic bonding techniques allow your cavities to be filled or metal filling replaced with incredible composites which match the colour of the rest of your teeth.
The dental composite which London dentists can now use to fill cavities or replace metal fillings is made from acrylic resin and fillers. It is mouldable to fit the exact spot required and the colour is aesthetically pleasing so that no-one will notice that you even have any fillings.
Your dentist will ensure that the area is clear of debris and tartar and apply a special etching gel that will ensure maximum bonding. The composite will be selected according to the colour and texture of the surrounding teeth and then bonded into place in one or two stages. It will then be subjected to a curing light before being buffed and polished into a fine finish, giving you a long-lasting filling that is almost invisible.
You no longer need to worry about the lengthy processes of having a filling installed. Cosmetic bonding techniques mean that long waits are a thing of the past and you can have a new filling installed or an old one replaced in just a single visit to the surgery. Ask your London dentist about how cosmetic bonding can help you smile with the confidence of knowing that your fillings are virtually invisible.