14 Jan

Cosmetic Bonding in London

There are a lot of cosmetic alternatives in London to fix your smile, and often, some people opt for complex work, such as veneers, when it could have been done a lot easier and a lot cheaper, but with the same results. Cosmetic bonding is a very versatile treatment that covers a range of dental procedures, all designed to ‘pretty-up’ the teeth, utilising resins to do the repair work- and it’s very quick. It can eliminate stains, gaps, cracks and chips, and even replace those old grey fillings. It’s a very simple and painless process, sometimes utilising a local anaesthetic. The teeth are prepared with an etching gel, and then a layer of resin is applied to the tooth and cured with a heat lamp. The process is repeated over and over again until the dentist has enough material to work with. Then, the resin is sculptured and polished to achieve the final result. The affects of the work are immediate and restores a new fresh look to your smile. The fact that this type of work can be done in under an hour for a very reasonable price, makes this a very attractive option. The only disadvantage is that cosmetic bonding is not as durable and as strong as other techniques, and can lead to staining. But it’s a cheap, short, sharp fix for people on the move.