08 Nov

Cosmetic bonding in London

One of the advantages of modern dentistry techniques in London, is that they are aimed at people who are busy and people that need treatment fast. If you have a chip, crack, a small gap or unsightly fillings that affect your look, then cosmetic bonding can transform the look of your mouth in one visit. As with most dental procedures, the area to be treated must be prepared so that the composite can bind to the teeth. This is done by etching the area with a gel. Once the composite is made and coloured to match the rest of the teeth, it is then applied in layers and cured with a light until there is enough material to sculpture by polishing. The advantage of this method is that the treatment is fairly painless, depending on the amount of reconstruction required. At worse, a small local anaesthetic can be used. The affects are instantly noticeable and restore the mouth with a full smile. Old, silver fillings can be replaced with white composite ones and repairs can be done in a dinner hour, which is the big selling point with this treatment, as is the price. The disadvantage is that is not as strong as normal veneers and can lead to staining. But it is a quick fix and perfect for the person in a hurry.