16 May

Cosmetic Dentistry and it place in the life of our teeth; by a City of London dentist

The word Cosmetic is one that is used in many aspects of our lives, from decorating to implants and make over’s, so it’s no surprise that the world of dentistry has also adopted this term when talking about procedures that aren`t always thought of as a necessary treatment. Cosmetic Dentistry cover a wide range of treatments, and all of them are as important as the more conventional ones when it comes to our teeth and how they affect our live; says a City of London dentist. Take a `Smile Makeover` for instance, this can be a simple whitening of discoloured teeth to a dental implant of a lost tooth, even veneers and Lumineer’s are used in the fight to keep our teeth looking pristine and give us confidence when we smile. Healthy looking teeth, even though they may be just the result of a covering up of a problem, can affect our daily routine from our jobs to our social outings and in that respect cosmetic dentistry is a serious consideration. With all the good will in the world, and with the best routine in oral hygiene care being part of our regime, nature is in charge of our teeth and it is often a cruel friend to have. Cosmetic work deals with all aspects including fixing misaligned teeth, if it hadn’t been for the research done on this mishap then the Invisalign or the Inman Aligner may never have been developed. This set of braces can fix misaligned adult teeth in a simple treatment lasting from 3-8 months, and it’s all due to cosmetic dentistry and the contribution it has made to the profession. There aren`t many cosmetic dentists, and as it is a specialist thing, it is always best to consult your regular dentist first when seeking to have work done in the cosmetic range.