05 Jun

Cosmetic Dentistry and the London Dentist

There’s a wonderful world of cosmetic dentistry to choose from out there in London. From home bleaching kits through to veneers and onwards to dental implants, you are spoilt rotten these days with the amount of choice afforded to you and their easy availability. But the name ‘cosmetic’ can generally lead you to think it’s all superficial and vain, which, at some level it is. However there are many more deeper and healthier reasons why you should consider having a little bit of cosmetic dentistry done yourself. In an ever speedy world, first impressions are all important and when you are introduced to someone for the first time, one of the first things you express to them is your teeth. If you are conscious that your teeth are below par, it can inhibit the way your talk and the way you express yourself. This can start to knock you self esteem and withdraw you socially; bad teeth can also affect you speech too. That aside, there are also health issues to take into consideration. Restoring your teeth and improving them can readdress the balance in your mouth, ensuring your ‘bite’ is true, reducing the chances of infections, addressing the problems of plaque and reducing the chances of gum disease and increase the life of your teeth. Hey, what the hell, yes you’ll look beautiful too, you!