09 Nov

Cosmetic dentistry in the city of London

Cosmetic dentistry is big business in the city of London as we all strive for the perfect Hollywood look. But if you consider it further, the smile is one of the first things you notice in someone and can be the difference between getting on in life or not, and thanks largely to TV programmes, we have been enlightened to treatments available. Costs, of course, vary on the amount of work required, but even that can be spread with payment plans. The cheapest method is teeth whitening, with home bleaching kits available in most chemists. This can be done at the dentists too in one sitting incorporating bleaching gels and light curing. Veneers, crowns and cosmetic bonding are more expensive but the affects are very rewarding. But cosmetic dentistry is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about health. Some conditions require extensive reconstruction. The use of braces not only restore a natural look to the mouth, but maintain the occlusion, or bite- one of the most important health factors of the mouth. There are many to choose from, but choice can be determined by price and individual vanity. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants or bridges. This not only looks good and restores the smile, but keeps the rest of the teeth strong and healthy and hence, the body in general.