22 Feb

Cost and treatment time of dental implant from London dentist

A dental implant is the most realistic and permanent way of replacing a missing tooth. It is the only kind of dental replacement that replaces the whole of the tooth, including the root, to provide the most stable and realistic alternative. Because dental implants replace the whole tooth they are often a little more expensive and take a little longer to fit than other dental substitutes but they are the only replacement that will last for the rest of your life.
Other dental prosthetics such as partial dentures and even dental bridges will last between ten and twenty years depending on how they are cared for. An implant is a completely permanent restoration that carries out all the functions of a real tooth. It alleviates any anxiety that the replacement may break and allows patients to eat exactly what they want.
The implant itself is a small titanium screw that is drilled into a hole in the jawbone itself. This sounds like a more unpleasant procedure than it actually is. Once secure, it is left for a number of weeks or months, depending on the patient, so that it can fuse with bone and muscle tissue to feel exactly like a real tooth root. This process is called osseointergration and is the secret behind the solidity of a dental implant. A post and artificial tooth are the attached to the implant. The whole process will take a few months from start to finish but the results are well worth the added time of treatment.
Dental implants from a London dentist vary according to the nature of treatment required. Although more expensive than a dental bridge or denture. An implant will never need replacing and is far less likely to break than a less permanent replacement.