08 Oct

Crisp Dental Crowns in the City of London

Tooth decay and loss is a hard pill to swallow in the city of London. It can not only diminish the future oral health of your mouth, but it can leave you feeling depressed by the way your mouth looks. However, don’t get down on yourself because help is at hand if you want in the form of a dental crown. These can be fitted anywhere in the mouth where damage has occurred and though they can be made from anything that floats your boat, there are two materials that they are more commonly manufactured from- gold and porcelain. Gold is rather a show-off and dandy option to go for, but it is also remarkably durable as well and can take a lot of forces that may be thrown at it. If you prefer the more natural touch though, then porcelain is what you need. It can be matched exactly colour-wise to fit in with the natural aura of the teeth around it, so the visual status quo is restored to your mouth perfectly. You can either go for a full porcelain crown, or the stronger porcelain-over-metal; this choice is dependent on the work it has to do, but your dentist will advise you here. Either way, a crown will help restore the balance to your oral health and the way you look when you smile.