24 Jan

Crooked teeth straigtened in london

There are a variety of dental procedures that can be used to straighten crooked teeth. The more recent methods can fall within the scope of cosmetic dentistry. A more common method is Invisalign®. Invisalign® teeth straightening consist of a series of sequential clear plastic trays specifically designed for each individual’s teeth and smile. After visiting your London cosmetic dentist or orthodontist, impressions are taken of your mouth, and models are poured in the usual manner. Computerized design and mapping methods are then used to produce a series of trays for the patient. These aligners must be used as prescribed by your London dentist, who will place the first tray. The tray will seem like it does not fit. Be patient, they are designed to fit exactly into the teeth when the teeth are in their next position. The trays will be worn day and night for 2 weeks, only removing them to brush and floss, and to eat. Then the teeth will be allowed to rest, and then the next tray will be placed. The whole procedure takes about a year to complete. Invisalign® cannot be used on partially erupted teeth.