01 Mar

Crowns for London kings and queens

Dental crowns, also known as ‘caps’ are sometimes necessary when the structural integrity of the tooth has been damaged or weakened. Reasons for this damage are commonly as a result of extensive tooth decay, a breakage to the tooth, or the need to have a large filling. Prior to having a crown your London dentist will take all necessary actions to avoid this. Applying a filling to the affected tooth will usually be the first course of action.If paying for private dental treatment crowns can be expensive, therefore it is recommended that all other treatments are explored before the need for a crown is necessary. Having a Crown FittedThe London dentist will initially take an ‘impression’ of the affected tooth, which entails a mould being prepared to allow the dental technician in London to make a crown which fits perfectly onto the damaged tooth.Where a tooth may be unstable at the root, a structure known as a ‘post’ may be required to provide support to the tooth, thus creating a better quality surface for the crown to be applied to. Taking a mould allows for a perfect fit to be created, in some cases a colour match will also be attempted as ideally it is intended that the crown will avoid giving the appearance of a brand new tooth.